The Shelter and It's Patients

Patients are brought into the Shelter by concerned citizens, the RCMP, the SPCA, conservation officers, transport and airline companies, etc. The Golinia's receive no payment for this work. The Shelter runs solely on funds from the Golinia's pensions and generous donations received from the community and this website. If you understand the importance of preserving our vanishing wildlife, for generations to come, and can assist through a donation or service, CLICK HERE to help support this Shelter. All donations of any size are greatly appreciated! They all assist the Shelter to rescue, rehabilitate, breed and release animals back into the wild or more importantly, their home.

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The Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab Shelter also takes in hundreds of domestic pets such as ferrets, chinchillas and pet birds for shelter. These animals can no longer stay with their owners, for various reasons, and the Shelter finds placement for them in good adoptive homes.

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